I’m a 34 year old hobby coder in the Seattle area. I’ve done various simulations as a hobby for 20 years, and have been dabbling in roguelike development for the past 5 years. My day job is in Global Security at Blizzard Entertainment. I’ve been in offensive security professionally for 15 years, 10 years of that at various consulting firms, providing services for just about every big name you’ve heard of.

I’m an Amethyst Organization member and contributor to various game related up-and-coming crates for the Rust language. I have a long background in C/C++, but recently have switched to doing all my work-related and hobby-related coding in Rust.

Other major notable simulation hobby junk I’ve done includes ACE2/ACE3, a realism mod for Arma2/Arma3, and the ACRE/ACRE2 modification; adding teamspeak and in-game radio simulation and integration. Those ate up about a decade of my life, so I consider fairly major.

I’ll fill more later.

Opinions are my own and NOT the views of my employer Blizzard Entertainment. This blog is in no way associated with them.